My Website PDF flow chart

Its obviously an extremely simple design. But I am more than happy with it because right from the start I wanted it to be simple and I believe I have achieved this.

All the Tabs interact with each other other than the startpage and each respective “backtoTop” buttons bring you back to the start of that page.


Click Flowchart to see



I want an extremely green vibe to my consumers. I want them to know what they are buying is helping others and neutralizing carbon emissions.

1. Its an Ideal selling point and

2. It gives back to the community whilst also offsetting your carbon emissions.


its a win win.

This is why I am going to include several photos that portray a “green” vibe towards the website and allows users to feel as though they can buy this product guilt free.

Webpage layout

Since my website is 100 percent made from the ground up in Dreamweaver and Photoshop I had to make sure my design was up to standards with other professional Fashion websites. I simply adore the simple white background with limited buttons and images. I have simply put fella as my title and have included the necessary buttons to go with it.

Beautiful home page

As I have already stated, my home page needs to look beautiful. It needs to look aesthetically pleasing whilst also maintaining the ongoing theme of the website. As this company is 100 percent recyclable products, my theme will be environment. What better page use as a start page than to fill it with a Forrest and some simple text.

beginiing to my homepage

Weekly Reflection – Processing design

Now that the decision has been made. i will need to create a basic website layout. I will firstly be doing this by a basic flow chart. The next step will be too create a story board with graphics that will explain the layout and direction of each page.

The picture below is a flow chart of your basic website layout.

As well as this design there will also be need of a Payment flowchart plan since me website is in fashion. This will be based on the following chart below.

Weekly reflection – Idea finalized

This week I have made a decision to go with designing my sisters fashion site. The reason being is that I believe I am capable of creating something solid with the resources I have. Not to mention the possible $$ involved If I make it good enough. So its DECIDED!

Fashion project!

Things Ill need to cover.

The fundamentals of Web design

1. Simplicity

2. Aesthetics

3. Functionality

4. Accessibility

Weekly reflection – Website construction

This week is mainly about thinking about what I want to base my website on. A million things come to mine as iv already designed  a website in year 12 with Dreamweaver.

My sister has recently started a fashion label called ‘Fella” and i was thinking I might design a prototype website based on her fashion label since she is going to need a website for her business. Maybe It could be the real website for her business? Who knows. We would be killing two birds with one stone.

Also, If the website is any good… I would want to be paid.

Who knows what I will decide to choose but I need to decide soon.

Sport Analyses – – Week 2

I decided to look at the official AFL website for this weeks task. Since I visit this site quite often its going to be quite hard not to be bias since I know its exact structure. Each week I will be analyzing each webpage with some standard questions.
Accessibility (How easy it is to use): This website always formatted in the same way. This is something that is a must do if you have a lot of regular users. This makes its nice and easy for the viewers go straight to their preferred area of the website. The site has a search function like most sites do, but at least this one internally searchers. Some websites have search bars inside the site, but actually use an external search such as google, so this actually takes you off the site and onto something that could be completely irrelevant.

Layout: The site consists of a main story which usually has something to do with the biggest game or moment of the week. In this case, this weeks reads “DID YOU SEE THAT”. As you can see the main story is up the top with a big Picture. On the left you have a sub story with a picture which actually cycles through 5-6 story’s. through the middle you have  list of (in order of most recent) news including the last two story’s enlarged. On the right you have the videos followed by a bit of advertising. So as we can see, there is an obvious trend running through the layout that wont ever be changed to rationally.
Flow: This site has nice flow. Its easy to get somewhere you want to go, and easy to get straight back to where you were. The home button is always visible and everything is nice and obvious, and by that i mean large. Everything is clear and easy too see.


Ratings out of 10:
Layout: 7/10

Flow: 9/10

Accessibility: 8/10