My Website PDF flow chart

Its obviously an extremely simple design. But I am more than happy with it because right from the start I wanted it to be simple and I believe I have achieved this.

All the Tabs interact with each other other than the startpage and each respective “backtoTop” buttons bring you back to the start of that page.


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I want an extremely green vibe to my consumers. I want them to know what they are buying is helping others and neutralizing carbon emissions.

1. Its an Ideal selling point and

2. It gives back to the community whilst also offsetting your carbon emissions.


its a win win.

This is why I am going to include several photos that portray a “green” vibe towards the website and allows users to feel as though they can buy this product guilt free.

Webpage layout

Since my website is 100 percent made from the ground up in Dreamweaver and Photoshop I had to make sure my design was up to standards with other professional Fashion websites. I simply adore the simple white background with limited buttons and images. I have simply put fella as my title and have included the necessary buttons to go with it.

Beautiful home page

As I have already stated, my home page needs to look beautiful. It needs to look aesthetically pleasing whilst also maintaining the ongoing theme of the website. As this company is 100 percent recyclable products, my theme will be environment. What better page use as a start page than to fill it with a Forrest and some simple text.

beginiing to my homepage