Weekly Reflection – Processing design

Now that the decision has been made. i will need to create a basic website layout. I will firstly be doing this by a basic flow chart. The next step will be too create a story board with graphics that will explain the layout and direction of each page.

The picture below is a flow chart of your basic website layout.

As well as this design there will also be need of a Payment flowchart plan since me website is in fashion. This will be based on the following chart below.


Weekly reflection – Idea finalized

This week I have made a decision to go with designing my sisters fashion site. The reason being is that I believe I am capable of creating something solid with the resources I have. Not to mention the possible $$ involved If I make it good enough. So its DECIDED!

Fashion project!

Things Ill need to cover.

The fundamentals of Web design

1. Simplicity

2. Aesthetics

3. Functionality

4. Accessibility